On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 11:33:50AM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Let's call each help-tree, either installed by gimp-help or by a
> plug-in, a help domain. The problem I see is that the current proposal
> doesn't define a way to link between help domains. While for example
> the freetype plug-in might install it's own help file(s), there is no
> way for the author of the text-tool help to link to this page and the
> freetype help author cannot link to the text tool documentation.
> This problem could be solved by allowing links in the help pages to
> point to the registered identifiers instead of pointing directly to
> HTML pages. So when the text-tool help wants to link to the move-tool,
> it would use something like
>   <link gimp-help:href="gimp-move-tool" />
> and the help-browser would have to use it's mapping file to find the
> HTML page from the identifier.
This is a good way to share content. I mean - if i'm writing about the
text tool, i dont need to write about hinting, font shapes and anything
specific about fonts, i can point the user for more information to e.g.
Okey - background information is a part for the glossary. 

For example, if i would need some help about a text tool, i'll get a
short help if i use F1. Okey... maybe then, i want to read any further,
because fonts are interesting and this stuff about freetype also.

The worst case is, if there is no freetype plugin
installed, the help will not be available. So - if i link to other help
pages, the help browser or the background "logic" has to decide if the
help is available or not. If the help isn't there, the link shouldn't be
displayed, because the reader couldn't get the information which is
offered. Is it possible and not to hard to implement such things?  

A second thing is, how fast can the available help docs be parsed. If i
understood you right, the helpbrowser also knows other references. If
the user want a short help, the help browser parses these xml files and
go straight forward to the subject (or display an error - not yet
written). But if the helpbrowser needs to parse references and needs to
decide things (is this help available or not), will it take to much time
to display the short help item?

Roman Joost
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