On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 23:50, Daniel Egger wrote:
> At the moment we're at full speed towards some usable content both in
> English and German. Roman is doing a fantastic job in translating and
> filling the gaps and Dave greatly helped drawing some attention.

>From looking at the CVS module I didn't have the impression that the
file structure is prepared for i18n. If you decided to keep all
translations of a topic together in the same file that's fine, but
shouldn't the C directory be completely dropped then?

Of course the file structure of the XML sources is sort of unimportant.
What really concerns me is how the generated HTML pages in different
languages will be organized. The helpbrowser will have to know about
this and I don't think we ever discussed this so far.

> Areas which need acting is the connection between the docs and the GIMP
> itself. Though since the consensus seemed to be that it's somehow
> possible to interconnect between XML id's and filenames I'm happily
> waiting for someone to program the bridge so we can get the help
> rocking.

We cannot start to work on this unless there is at least a sample XML
mapping file and perhaps one or two sample help pages. I have been
waiting for these files and perhaps a short writeup explaining the
concept for a few weeks now and thus decided to bring the topic up
again. Rest assured that I remember what has been discussed a few weeks
ago but the dicsussion ended at a point where there wasn't anything but
vague ideas. It's impossible to start an implementation based on this.


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