Am Die, 2003-08-19 um 02.31 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> I think I explained the reasoning in my last mail. Oh well, let me do it
> again then... 

This does *not* make sense.

> The helpbrowser will have to choose the language based on
> the users locale, it thus needs to know how the files are organized
> language-wise. I can imagine at least two possible solutions to this
> problem. Either the mapping table knows about the available languages or
> we encode the language into the directory structure as we did for 1.2.

And where's the problem? Why are we talking about 15 seconds worth of
work in lengths? You'll get exactly that, right away. Check out CVS, run, configure and make; it will create one directory structure
for German and one for English.

> Huh? I thought we were past this point about a month ago. What exactly
> didn't you understand about it?

What the mapping looks like! You keep insisting that it's deadly trivial
though you simply cannot come up with something like an example and even
ask *me* to provide one. Sorry Sven, this is really insane!

> Actually it was Mitch's idea. Perhaps he should continue to explain it
> then.

Exactly, why are you bothering me with an example?

> I've explained it several times and you keep saying that you
> dislike it although you didn't understand it.

For you (again) in plain English: I dislike the idea of using HTML
accessed from some helpbrowser using a mapping.

And here's why: I don't know how you want to control the granularity of
the generated HTML files; you'll get lengthy and supershort files which
will make browsing the help real fun.

> It will probably be best if I keep myself out of this then and stop to
> try to work with you.

Great, sounds like plan that finally might work.


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