On 27 Aug 2003 11:33:50 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This problem could be solved by allowing links in the help pages to
> point to the registered identifiers instead of pointing directly to
> HTML pages. So when the text-tool help wants to link to the move-tool,
> it would use something like
>   <link gimp-help:href="gimp-move-tool" />
> and the help-browser would have to use it's mapping file to find the
> HTML page from the identifier.

The problem with this solution is that it will prevent the help system
from ever working in a standard browser.  Wouldn't it be better to
pre-process all files at build time or installation time and generate
standard XHTML?  If this is done at installation time, we could write
a tool that updates the cross-references as necessary (this "we" could
be me, if nobody else is interested).

> As a last note, let me outline a small error in the proposal I just
> made. Since <link /> is not part of XHTML, we should check if there's
> an element we can (ab)use or we need to introduce a namespace for the
> link element (or whatever it would be called).

Well, <link /> is part of XHTML, but it is only allowed inside <head>.
If you want to add a cross-reference, the best element to choose would
be <a>, even if you use it with non-standard attributes.

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