Am Die, 2003-08-19 um 00.44 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> From looking at the CVS module I didn't have the impression that the
> file structure is prepared for i18n. If you decided to keep all
> translations of a topic together in the same file that's fine, but
> shouldn't the C directory be completely dropped then?

Though about it but that would need someone with access to the CVS
server and since we're not in a hurry....

Back when syngin and I started profiling was simply unusable so we
started like we stopped with the old system to have a somewhat familiar

> What really concerns me is how the generated HTML pages in different
> languages will be organized.

Every one in it's own distinct tree. The transformation has to be
started once for each language and will spit out the document or a
directory for it.

> The helpbrowser will have to know about this

I can't see a reason why, unless you want to mix languages, but even
then one can point to a different directory, so...

> We cannot start to work on this unless there is at least a sample XML
> mapping file and perhaps one or two sample help pages.

You'll get it. I still have no idea how the mapping is supposed to work
and thus look. Once we defined a format and a meaning I'll set up a
stylesheet to produce it. The sample pages we already have, we just take
it from the documentation. :)

> I have been waiting for these files and perhaps a short writeup explaining the
> concept for a few weeks now and thus decided to bring the topic up
> again. Rest assured that I remember what has been discussed a few weeks
> ago but the dicsussion ended at a point where there wasn't anything but
> vague ideas. It's impossible to start an implementation based on this.

I'm terribly sorry, but it was your idea so you are the one who needs to
explain how it's supposed to work. I disliked it from the beginning
because I've experienced a lot of friction with mapping to automatically
generated HTML files in the past but since I'm not the one having the
time to implement it, I certainly have no voice in here....


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