Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Am Mit, 2003-08-20 um 00.47 schrieb Michael Natterer:
>> Is this a solution everybody can live with or did I miss something
>> obvious? If it sounds reasonable, we should go ahead, it's not even
>> an awful lot of work (the coding part, not writing the help pages :)
> Clean, (relatively) simple, I like it. In fact to push forward I simply
> went ahead and implemented it. Below is the result from the current
> German version. A few tweaks surely will have to be made and we haven't
> settled for some directory structure as of yet, but you get the idea....
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <gimp-help>
>   <help-item id="GIMP" target="index.html"/>
>   <help-item id="introduction" target="ch01.html"/>

Wow, that was fast :)

for completeness, this morning's discussion with roman on #gimp:

<mitch> romanofski: i started that header, and we get *so*many* help items that i feel 
gimp-help should use a namespace at least similar to gimp, or we will get lost totally
<mitch> romanofski: like toolbox-rectangle-selection -> gimp-tools-rect-select
<romanofski> heh ... you mean namespaces for filters, dialogs or specially the toolbox?
<mitch> romanofski: for everything
<romanofski> yeh
<mitch> gimp-category-item
<mitch> gimp-layers-new
<mitch> gimp-layers-merge-down
<mitch> etc.
<mitch> and it looks we need a catrgory for each dialog
<mitch> like:
<mitch> gimp-brushes-edit
<mitch> gimp-brushes-refresh
<mitch> gimp-brush-editor-foo
<romanofski> hm.. wait.. let me guess.. 
<mitch> gimp-brush-editor-bar
<mitch> gimp-preferences
<mitch> gimp-preferences-interface
<mitch> what do you think?
<romanofski> no.. i was thinking about it
<romanofski> and yes.. 
<romanofski> but i think this will not a problem
<mitch> yea
<romanofski> just a new attribute for this *.xml file
<mitch> the problem i see if we don't do it is that we will get lost in the two 
identifier namespaces
<romanofski> maybe <gimp-help namespace="gimp-toolbox"> something like that?
<mitch> why a new one, i thought this would be <sect id="gimp-tools-rect-select">
<romanofski> yes... and if someone will provide another help for his plugin ... 
<mitch> why not the section ids which are already there?
<mitch> then he will install it separately and can use whatever namespace he likes
<mitch> he can even use the same ones, they live in a different mapping file
<romanofski> yeh - okey.. so you mean, only renaming the section ids will do the trick 
<mitch> yes
<romanofski> k
<mitch> very nice
<romanofski> i'll do that
<mitch> let me do that evil file first, so we can see what's needed
<romanofski> oh.. okey
<mitch> will be done today
<mitch> cool
<romanofski> drop me a line if this works 
<mitch> looks we get this rolling now :)

I think that dialog covered the remaining questions...

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