On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 02:03, Daniel Egger wrote:

> > The helpbrowser will have to know about this
> I can't see a reason why, unless you want to mix languages, but even
> then one can point to a different directory, so...

I think I explained the reasoning in my last mail. Oh well, let me do it
again then... The helpbrowser will have to choose the language based on
the users locale, it thus needs to know how the files are organized
language-wise. I can imagine at least two possible solutions to this
problem. Either the mapping table knows about the available languages or
we encode the language into the directory structure as we did for 1.2.

> > We cannot start to work on this unless there is at least a sample XML
> > mapping file and perhaps one or two sample help pages.
> You'll get it. I still have no idea how the mapping is supposed to work
> and thus look.

Huh? I thought we were past this point about a month ago. What exactly
didn't you understand about it?

> I'm terribly sorry, but it was your idea so you are the one who needs to
> explain how it's supposed to work. I disliked it from the beginning
> because I've experienced a lot of friction with mapping to automatically
> generated HTML files in the past but since I'm not the one having the
> time to implement it, I certainly have no voice in here....

Actually it was Mitch's idea. Perhaps he should continue to explain it
then. I've explained it several times and you keep saying that you
dislike it although you didn't understand it. It will probably be best
if I keep myself out of this then and stop to try to work with you.


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