Carol Spears wrote:
> How about we know what funding there is and how much gimp has to work
> with.
> Or skip all that and just show up somewhere and send the bill to
> dsrogers?   Call it faith in misinformation.

As I said, I think that we will need someone to be the money face
on the group. Someone who will be (while we're waiting for the
foundation to be up & running) the person the checks will be made
out to. 

But we will need a number of people to hustle for money (companies 
who use the GIMP and Linux companies who ship the GIMP on
commercial offerings would be the 2 big target groups), and
eventually send on details to our money person to "close" the
sponsorship deal.

We will also need to start thinking about merchandising a bit
earlier than last year, I think, and perhaps have someone make up
a T-Shirt in the next month or so?

I know that there is at least one prospective sponsor who has
said he will put some money (perhaps 4 figures) towards the
conference - a few more like that and we will not have problems
paying travel expenses (depending, of course, on the location) -
20 people at an average of about 400 euros each (does that sound
right compared to last year, Sven?) means to pay everything we'd
need about 8K euros. This year we'll be adding in accomodation
(which we didn't have to worry too much about last year, thanks
in great part to Sven and mitch, and the CCC) which could add as
much as 200 euros per person to the cost. 

I think that we need an event before we go looking for money,
though. Saying that we want sponsorship for a vague conference
that we might have next year doesn't compare to asking for money
for the conference we're going to have on dates X, Y and Z in

But sure, money is something we'll need to think about soon too.
First things first, we need 3 or 4 volunteers who will prostrate
themselves before big companies and ask for a few grand
sponsorship. And someone to spearhead the effort who has a good
financial head on them, and has some knowledge of figures.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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