David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I know that there is at least one prospective sponsor who has
> said he will put some money (perhaps 4 figures) towards the
> conference - a few more like that and we will not have problems
> paying travel expenses (depending, of course, on the location) -
> 20 people at an average of about 400 euros each (does that sound
> right compared to last year, Sven?) means to pay everything we'd
> need about 8K euros. This year we'll be adding in accomodation
> (which we didn't have to worry too much about last year, thanks
> in great part to Sven and mitch, and the CCC) which could add as
> much as 200 euros per person to the cost. 

Good that you remind me of this. I still need to publish the numbers
about this years' GimpCon. I've made the accounting but I will have to
summarize and anonymify it a bit before I can post it here and to the
sponsors. There's also a tiny bit of money left (around 400 Euros).

Will try to get this done soon. Perhaps someone can remind me if I
forget about it again...

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