now that 2.0.0 is released, it's about time to make some plans for the
future. IMHO, we should try to come up with a roadmap that is clear
and detailed for the next months and reasonably vague for the time
thereafter. We can then make precise plans for the time after 2.2 at

I am going to propose a very short-term plan here. Feel free to
comment on it and don't be afraid to use "fighting words". Just tell
me that my plan is wrong if you think that's the case.

 - Do a 2.0.1 release in about two weeks. We got a couple of bugs on
   the 2.0.1 milestone and I expect more problems to be reported
   during the next days. So there's plenty of work to do for 2.0.1.
   And IMO we should not branch CVS before 2.0.1 is released. That
   will save us some work on merging changes and it means that there's
   more pressure to get 2.0.1 out.

 - Do a 2.2 release in about three months. That seems like a short
   release cycle but I think that's exactly what we need at the
   moment. There are some unfinished things in 2.0 that could be done
   in 2 months of development. And we should be able to release w/o
   months of bug-fixing if we only have two months to introduce new
   bugs. Of course before we decide to attempt to have 2.2 ready by
   GimpCon (June 28 - 30) we should collect a more detailed list of
   changes that we would like to see in 2.2. I will spend some time
   with Bugzilla and try to prepare such a list...

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