Sven Neumann wrote:
I suggested that we make a list of changes for 2.2, so I sat down and
tried to come up with such a list. This list is not meant as the list
of things that need to go into 2.2 but it's a list of things that
could go into 2.2. A prerequisite for each item is that someone
volunteers to work on it. And of course the list is by no means
complete. Please send a mail if you want to see items added.

I would still like to do this one:

Allow creation and editting of patterns in the pattern dock, as well as a "Save as GIMP pattern" menu entry which automatically saves the image as a .pat in .gimp-2.0/patterns

The latter part (save as GIMP pattern) would be trivial, more or less. Handling the semantics for creqting new patterns in the pattern dock and duplicating/editting existing patterns is trickier.


Dave Neary

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