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Joao S. O. Bueno ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> But I do have a choice from the list bellow I  like to address:
> > - vectors PDB API
> >   http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=129598
> >   (this would allow to move the SVG path import from the core to a
> >    plug-in)
> If Simon is not picking it right now, I could check with him on what 
> is needed, and go for it.

Well, I want to work on this, although I'll definitely wait until the
branch for 2.2 has happened. However, I want to encourage people to
suggest an API for conveniently handling strokes and vectors.

> Just in case I can do it, and the Text Tool PDB ain  ready, I'd like 
> to go for it.
> I have also one other improvement I think I could work on, and this 
> would be great, so I might even postpone the above PDB stuff:
> Postscript saving plug-in.

Feel free to hack on that, I won't come into your way there.

> Also, to be added to the list of what I think is feasible:
>       - Add Vector Layers functionality.
>       (Simon, you there? )

Yes, definitely interesting and challenging. Before actually
implementing this we'd need generalized Stroking Options for
paintcore stroking and libart stroking. Probably something similiar
should happen for the fill options (vector layers need filled vector


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