On Sunday 28 March 2004 16:47, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I suggested that we make a list of changes for 2.2, so I sat down
> and tried to come up with such a list. This list is not meant as
> the list of things that need to go into 2.2 but it's a list of
> things that could go into 2.2. A prerequisite for each item is that
> someone volunteers to work on it. And of course the list is by no
> means complete. Please send a mail if you want to see items added.

Well, just by reading this list, I see I have a lot to learn from the 
core yet.

But I do have a choice from the list bellow I  like to address:

> - vectors PDB API
>   http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=129598
>   (this would allow to move the SVG path import from the core to a
>    plug-in)

If Simon is not picking it right now, I could check with him on what 
is needed, and go for it.

Just in case I can do it, and the Text Tool PDB ain  ready, I'd like 
to go for it.

I have also one other improvement I think I could work on, and this 
would be great, so I might even postpone the above PDB stuff:
Postscript saving plug-in.

Actually, I have a similar list of things I believe I can implement in 
it, more or less in this order:
        - Add a "save one layer per page" option, with metadata on postscript 
comments to allow reloading without loosing layer Info.
        - Add a rough (or maybe full) transparency support for postscript 
        - Allow to save vectors as postscript paths, along with meta data to 
get them back on GIMP
        - Allow to save GIMP unstransformed text layers as postscript stroken 
paths - this could allow a 150dpi  image with text on it to get 
press-ready, without great loss of information,as text would be 
        -  Add color correction to PS save.

This last one would be the greatest of them all, but also, the one I 
know less about how would be done. I imagine that with online help of 
whoever will be working on the color-profiles functionality (either 
on #gimp, or by e-mail), I can manage the postscript-side of it.

Also, to be added to the list of what I think is feasible:
        - Add Vector Layers functionality.
        (Simon, you there? )
        And I  would happily add them to the postscript save.  :-)



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