From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: 28 Mar 2004 21:47:52 +0200


   I suggested that we make a list of changes for 2.2, so I sat down and
   tried to come up with such a list. This list is not meant as the list
   of things that need to go into 2.2 but it's a list of things that
   could go into 2.2. A prerequisite for each item is that someone
   volunteers to work on it. And of course the list is by no means
   complete. Please send a mail if you want to see items added.

   - port print plug-in to newer libgimpprint

I just checked in the final major API changes to the Gimp-Print
mainline.  This was one of the largest single commits in the history
of the project (much bigger than the initial commit, which was far
from the most extensive anyway); the only other one of this magnitude
was the change to the parameters early in 4.3, which was done over
more time.

The only significant Critical features not in yet are piecewise curves
and ink limiting (which is partially in).  Ink limiting will have no
effect on the user interface or plugin, since it will simply be
another parameter or few, but piecewise curves will have some effect
on the user interface code when and if we do it.  However, this change
should be less pervasive, and we can probably do it in a compatible
fashion such that a synchronous change wouldn't be needed.

I'm hoping to do 5.0 alpha 2 in the next week or so to get wider
exposure for the new API and the feature enhancements that go along
with it.

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