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> I have also one other improvement I think I could work on, and this 
> would be great, so I might even postpone the above PDB stuff:
> Postscript saving plug-in.
> Actually, I have a similar list of things I believe I can implement in 
> it, more or less in this order:
>       - Add a "save one layer per page" option, with metadata on postscript 
> comments to allow reloading without loosing layer Info.
>       - Add a rough (or maybe full) transparency support for postscript 
> saving
>       - Allow to save vectors as postscript paths, along with meta data to 
> get them back on GIMP
>       - Allow to save GIMP unstransformed text layers as postscript stroken 
> paths - this could allow a 150dpi  image with text on it to get 
> press-ready, without great loss of information,as text would be 
> vectorial.
>       -  Add color correction to PS save.

I had a similar idea but I think that PDF output would probably be
more useful. For the text layer part if may even be easier because you
could use PangoPDF. But then this is a rather large task and it
depends on the vectors and text PDB API. Actually it goes even further.
Your plug-in would want to query the text and vector objects in the
core and at the moment there's no way to do that and not even a
proposal how such an API could look like. On the other hand, such a
plug-in would be very useful and the PDB APIs that it needs might pave
the way for lots of other neat things. Lately I've been asked to help
with a plug-in that would allow to create avg description files (see
http://www.libavg.de/) from within GIMP and such a plug-in would also
need access to the text layer properties.

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