Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > The problem with the screenshots on dgo is that they are screenshots
> > of the 1.3.x development version. Most of them clearly don't look like
> > 2.0. It shouldn't be too difficult to redo these shots with an
> > uptodate version. I am sure people will happily donate their
> > screenshots.
> Not so clearly to me... I avoided using the text tool screenshot,
> since that changed quite a bit before the 2.0 release, but the macos
> and SVG screenshots are both close enough to 2.0 to make no difference.

The MacOS X screenshot shows the toolbar with the color correction
tools and the newer MacOS X screenshot on wgo is nicer anyway.
> Also the brush preview screenshot is cool, and hasn't changed since.

Please feel free to move it to wgo then.
> If people do update the dgo screenshots, where should they send them?
> brix or yourself?

You misunderstood me. There's no intention to update the screenshots
on dgo. Instead I suggest that more screenshots are added to
http://gimp.org/screenshots/. So the screenshots should probably send
to the gimp-web team or attached to bug reports against gimp-web.

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