Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Thus far, no-one on the web team has said anything about the
> matter. It would be nice if someone would say "sure, send screenshots
> to me". I don't feel comfortable changing anything in the gimp-web
> module any more.

Well, I am afraid that it won't work that way. If you or me feel that
the screenshots on www.gimp.org need work, then it's up to you or me
to do something about it. It doesn't make sense to point the finger at
the gimp-web team and wait for something to happen. Or worse,
repeatedly asking for things to be done. If the web-site concerns you,
then you should be willing to touch it. If you aren't willing to do
any changes to gimp-web CVS module, then you should IMO refrain from
asking for changes.  Doing so only shows disrespect for the people
working on the site.

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