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For what it's worth, I do not have any problem with nice, but out of
date, screenshots being on - for example, we had a lot
of screenshots from the 1.1 series on before the
migration. In fact, devel screenshots are a great way to get people
building the HEAD.

I don't know when it became policy to only have screenshot from
stable versions on wgo - but I'm against that policy.

We discussed this before doing switching to the new web-site. IMO it
is essential that tutorials and screenshots on
consistently show the current stable version since that's what the
site is all about.

I disagree. I think that is a site for GIMP users, and that includes bleeding edge users. is a site for GIMP developers, at least that was my understanding of the motivation behind it.

The screenshot section on exists exactly for the
purpose of getting people to build the HEAD branch. IMHO the
screenshot section on should have a link to the
development screenshots but it should show the stable version only.

If I'm correct above, what you are saying is that the HEAD branch is only for developers, which I disagree with. If this isn't what you're saying then I misunderstood the reason for the creation of dgo.


Dave Neary

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