On 4 May 2004, at 0:01, David Neary wrote:

> I was just looking for some nice looking screenshots to show off
> on the GUADEC GIMP pages, and the best ones are all on
> developer.gimp.org
> It would be really cool to have lots & lots of screenshots of the GIMP
> on www.gimp.org. Could someone from the web team take responsibility
> for this and publish an e-mail address where screenshots can be sent
> to be included on the site, please?
> In the meantime, I will link to screenshots on dgo.
> The current content to go on guadec (which will also probably end up
> on dgo when the dust settles) is here (as usual, all corrections &
> comments are welcome, that's what wikis are for):
> http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/GimpCon2004

I like the DGO screenshots better, too, because they adhere to my 
Grand Theory of Screenshots more closely: they show GIMP in actual 
use. (Other laws in my GToS are: screenshots should be rendered 
against a neutral background, with standard widgets, small enough of 
for use on small devices, with only those dialogs being shown that 
are relevant to the function being shown, and of the current version 
of the program being showcased.)

If you want them, I could make a couple of screenshots.

branko collin
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