Hi Branko,

Branko Collin wrote:
On 4 May 2004, at 0:01, David Neary wrote:
It would be really cool to have lots & lots of screenshots of the GIMP
on www.gimp.org. Could someone from the web team take responsibility
for this and publish an e-mail address where screenshots can be sent
to be included on the site, please?

If you want them, I could make a couple of screenshots.

Of course we want them. Still waiting for someone to take ownership of the screenshots and say they'll put them up... failing that, Sven's suggesting to attach them to bug reports sounds sane.

It'd be nice to have a personal tough though, someone to write back and say "thank you" to people who contribute like this. There is generally an email address where fans can send screenshots in projects like ours.



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