Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Every other file dialog I've ever seen has a visible entry for typing
> in a filename.  It's not clear to me why there's any advantage at all
> to not having it visible.  It just seems like a gratuitous
> incompatibility.

Well, this is the wrong list to complain about it. I was just trying
to help you to get along with the new file-chooser.

That said, I would like to state that whatever happens in GTK+, is of
course our responsibility as well. After all it's the GIMP toolkit.
IMO we should work a lot closer with the GTK+ development team. If it
was me, the GIMP development branch would depend on the latest CVS
versions of glib and gtk+. That would allow us to follow the
development a lot closer and would allow us to give feedback early
enough for it to be considered. The way we are working now (a lot of
developers still using the now unmaintained gtk+-2.4 branch), we are
of course always way too late.

But given the antagonism that shows up every time we update the GTK+
dependencies to the latest stable version, I don't even dare to ask
about having GIMP depend on the GTK+ development branch.

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