On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Michael Schumacher wrote:

> Nathan Summers wrote:
> > For a long time the policy was that we used the most recent devel
> > branch release.  When did that change?  CVS HEAD is a little too
> > fast-moving, but I don't have a problem with using the latest devel
> > version, and I don't remember anyone else having a problem with it,
> > either.
> I'd hate to have to build my own GTK+ - it is absolutely
> non-straight-forward on Win32, rather forth-back-forth-back...

I don't find it much more complicated than building GIMP once the build
environment is set up properly (though that can be a bit complicated).
What might be needed are better instructions for doing that.

Here's a rather good step in that direction:

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