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> <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:
> > Some problems might be caused by misdesigns in gtk+, but not all.
> Ah, So which problem you have with the file dialog is GIMP specific?

It takes a long time to open, for no reason. That is gimp-specific, other
apps using the file dialog behave differently, as I explained.

As I already wrote, the gtk+-specific bug has already been reported. I do
think it's worthwhile if you read the beginning of this thread.

> Why don't you stop complaining here and talk to the GTK+ mailing list?

I didn't know the gtk+ mailing list is responsible for gimp-specific
behaviour. Other apps that use the gtk+ file dialog behave differently, as
I explained.

> There is absolutely nothing we can do about that.

That's fine with me then, really. Please note that i never asked you to do
something for me. I did, however, describe usability problems with gimp.

If you want to ignore these, that is your option (most probably because
they are totally out of your control, as neither sven nor you ever shied
away from more work to improve the gimp), but please don't claim they
aren't there.

> And no, we will certainly not hack around to make the GIMP's file
> dialogs look different from all other GTK+ apps' file dialogs.

On my system (debian), gimp's file dialogs already look very different to
other gtk+2 apps. No hack is required, and I didn't ask for one, either.

Now, why are you reacting so hostile? I just reported on some general
deficiencies in gimp-2.x usability, of which the file dialog is the
biggest one. If you (both sven and you) don't want to hear about that,
just say so.

I do, however, think it's a bad sign that users (I read a few cases on
this mailinglist before) who report their problems with usability get
treated like that.

The very least you can do is acknowledge the problems people have,
whatever causes it and wether and how it can and should be fixed is

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