Sven Neumann wrote:


Andrei Simion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

When I start the Gimp server with this command:

gimp --no-interface --batch '(extension-perl-server 0 0 0)' &

I got these messages:

GIMP is not properly installed for the current user.
User installation was skipped because the '--no-interface' flag was used.
To perform user installation, run the GIMP without the
--no-interface' flag.

GIMP: Could not open '/home/gimp/.gimp-2.2/pluginrc' for writing: No
such file or directory

GIMP: Unable to open a test swap file. To avoid data loss please check
the location and permissions of the swap directory defined in your
Preferences (currently "${gimp_dir}").

You have obviously not done the user installation for gimp yet. You
need to run gimp once with a user interface so that it creates the
user ~/.gimp-2.2 folder.

The reason I haven't done that was because there was no X server instaled and I presume the user installation can be done only by starting Gimp in the graphical interface, am I wright?

But could you please stop sending me private email and use the
mailing-list instead? Thank you.

Sorry about that. There is an explanation for this. This mailing list is set up that when someone sends an email on it, it has the "to" header field to the original sender and a cc to the list. Replying to this message would send one email to the email address in the "to" field. Sometimes I forget to replace the private address I'm replying to with the mailing list address. And this happened to me too as other members of the list replied only to me personally. Maybe something has to be done regarding the list configuration.



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