On Saturday, June 18, 2005, 18:42:17, Michael Schumacher wrote:

>>>The file dialog is getting better and better with each release.
>> It's usability will remain severely limited until you need to press Ctrl+L
>> to actually be able to type-in a relative path (or any path on Windows).
> Oh, come on. You can just start to type the directory - relative or
> absolute, no difference...

Relative path/filename work so-so (you have to type first few letters, then
either wait and press Enter or press Enter twice to make the selection, and
you can't dive more than 1 directory deep at once). Absolute paths on
Windows don't work at all if you don't press Ctrl+L manually. (There are
also other things that bother me about Ctrl+L dialog, namely the
implementation of autocompletion and the fact that if you type the full path
to a file, you still have to confirm the selection in the open dialog

>> There also must be a reason why Windows ports of some GTK+ programs offer
>> the native file open dialog box even though it means more code.
> s/the native/a native/
> The win32 dialog sucks - there is no easy way to create bookmarks, for
> example, and there are multiple ones. If there was one which is up to
> par with the GTK+ one, it might be worthwile to consider integration,
> but at the present state, Microsoft and Windows application developers
> have a long way to go.

I don't care about bookmarks that much (besides, they don't work at all in
GTK+ file opener, at least as of 2.6.7), the inability to call up the open
dialog and just start typing the path to file makes it much less useful.
Bookmarks would be only useful to me in Gimp, where I use mouse all the
time, otherwise I mainly use the keyboard, so the absence of File Name entry
box is a real letdown for me. I need to compile the list of things that
bother me about the GTK+ file chooser and submit it to bugzilla someday. I
know I'm not the only one being bothered with it's design.

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