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Sven Neumann wrote:

Why is she using the file open dialog at all? She could as well use
the file manager and drag the files into GIMP. The file open dialog
should really only be used if the file isn't readily selected
elsewhere which should be rather unlikely if you are working in a
document oriented way.

True enough - drag'n'drop and gimp-remote are very useful here. Personally I tend to drag'n'drop from GQView into The GIMP - but the usefulness of DnD is hampered in stock Gnome by the impossibility of turning off click-to-front. (I'm technically minded and motivated enough to apply a patch, but end users aren't).

DnD can also be a problem between multiple desktops.

Also, you might want to explain bookmarks to your wife. She might find
the dialog a lot more usable then.

Bookmarks are indeed great.

What I am missing is support for XDS in the common desktops so that
one would have to use the file save dialog less.

Yes, for me the Save dialog is an annoyance. I very rarely want to save directly into the default directory, and changing directories takes too much mousework, and is clumsy with the keyboard (tabbing to get the focus in the right place, then Ctrl-L, then enter path...) Is there any reason why the save dialog's filename entry box can't support paths directly?

Could the expanded/collapsed status of the directory selector be made persistent across sessions?

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