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> The issue for most people, I'm guessing, will be that the whole flow
> of the dialog is alien to everything else around it as well. It has
> the whole "dumbed down but if you click on Advanced enough times you
> might get somewhere" feeling, compared to the relatively cluttered
> and intimidating (but also efficient) KDE dialogs.

So the main complaint is that the dialog (which one?) shows up with
the expanders collapsed? That is something that could be taken care of
even though I am not convinced that it would be a change to the

> This is something which (as a techie) I don't find too disturbing, but 
> which drives my wife completely twittery. She is an artist and a 
> musician, not a techie (which is one reason I'm interested in doing 
> artistic brushes for GIMP). I've "tricked" her into using GIMP for 
> cropping and scaling images for EBay, but the alien appearance of the 
> file-open dialog gets it categorised in her artistic little brain as 
> being completely different to a KDE dialog aimed at exactly the same 
> set of files.

Why is she using the file open dialog at all? She could as well use
the file manager and drag the files into GIMP. The file open dialog
should really only be used if the file isn't readily selected
elsewhere which should be rather unlikely if you are working in a
document oriented way.

Also, you might want to explain bookmarks to your wife. She might find
the dialog a lot more usable then.

What I am missing is support for XDS in the common desktops so that
one would have to use the file save dialog less.

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