On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Marc wrote:

> One thing is that people, and _many_ people, just want their location
> entry back, for lots of reasons: discoverability, pastability and so
> on. But for some reason this simply does not happen.

Do you want this only in gimp or in all programs that use the gtk+ 
widgets and dialogs?

I think the gtk dialog can be made better and should be improved for all 
applications, not just gimp.

Things I don't like: 

* In fedora 3 I can type in a filename and it selects that file in the
file tree view and it just works. It does not work with full paths so I
either have to navigate to the correct directory first (which I usually do
using a bookmark) or have to use the hidden feature of Ctrl-L (almost
never do this). If one fixes so one can type in any path directly, and not
just filenames in the current selected dir, then the Ctrl-L is not needed

* The file tree view does not always have input focus when the dialog is
opened. So sometimes when I type in a filename the focus is in the
bookmark part of the dialog and it matches a bookmark instead. Also, some
keys to fast give bookmarks and filelist input focus would be nice (and
<tab>:ing to the right widget is too much work).

I've not filed any bugs for the above and I don't know if maybe this have
already been improved in later versions of gtk+ then what's in FC3.  It's
simply not a big enough problem for me that I've done that but I still 
would want these things to be improved.

The battle for you to fight is with gtk2 and not with gimp. If gimp
started to use another dialog then what other gtk2 programs did, then
people would start a fight about that.

I also think that some of you in this thread are unfair to Sven. From my
point of view he tries to help as much as he can.

For you reverting to the old dialog is a solution, for me that would make
the dialog a lot worse. I love the bookmark feature. I usually just use a
couple of directories in total and I have these as bookmarks.

Currently not everyone is happy with the new dialog but hopefully it can
be improved so most of us are happy in the future. If not, then what do 
you suggest? Either way you choose someone will be unhappy.


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