On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 10:46:00PM +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> Carol, actually, I don't understand your reasoning behind this
> question. If we disable this controller by default, the very next
> thing that will happen is gazillion of users asking why mousewheel
> scrolling doesn't work. No matter how many times you will explain it
> in mailing lists, on forums,in documentation -- that will just happen.
> And guess who will suffer from spending their precious time on
> explanations...
i understand that it goes against the current thinking of getting things
to work on a computer without the user needing to know what they have or
what other options they have or how to set a powerful piece of software
to work for the things they have and all the different ways that one can
personalize it.

then there is that other thing about GIMP where you do not need the
mouse wheel to scroll.

then there is the other thing that perhaps the next round of forum
people need something to talk about.  complain about and feel the need
to fix.

then, there is the chance that if you cannot open the preferences and
enable things yourself, that this application might be out of their
reach in too many other ways as well.

> IMNSHO, removing this setting from defaults should happen only if it
> seriously breaks usability for "wheeless" users or even makes work in
> GIMP absolutely impossible for them. And this is not that case, right?
this makes so much sense.  logically and intuitively and all of those
things that should matter.

where this does not make sense to me is in how software is abused.  i
sense that this 'default' is being used to muddle the inner workings of
the gimp developers.  this sense i have -- i cannot give any kind of
logical reason for it and probably you should do the right thing and
trash this suggestion of mine.

even with this irrational and undefinable feeling i have about this one
default in particular -- i can live with it.

what i am very very very unhappy with -- and this is about the world
itself -- something is very very very wrong if almost everyone has to
work anonymously.  this suggestion has more to do with this problem than
with any problem gimp has.

and this suggestion is much more like house cleaning than anything else.

thank you everyone for at least considering the suggestion,

Carol M. Spears
aka carol

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