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OTOH, touchpads and pointing sticks on laptops don't have scroll wheels.

All laptops with touchpads I've seen offer one or more of the following:
- scrollwheel emulation by dragging at the edge of touchpad (some touchpads
  even have a slightly separated area for this, although this is completely
  a software [driver] setting)

Yes, my laptop does have that too, and it's very practical for scrolling in large documents. But I don't think it emits WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages in Windows or the equivalent in X, since it only works in 'normal' applications. It doesn't work, for example, for zooming in or out in applications like Google Earth or similar.

If a Synaptics employee is reading this: maybe think about emiting WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages in the driver instead of what the driver does now?

My laptop also has a 4-way button for scrolling horizontally and vertically, but with the same limitation.

- button with up/down keys, which emulates wheel
- button, which you hold and drag on the touchpad to emulate wheel

Ah, that sounds nice. I'm going to pay attention to those things for the next laptop I buy.

They often even don't feature middle mouse buttons, though I have never understood exactly why. And IIRC nowadays more laptops are sold than desktops.

I've yet to see a laptop with middle button, too.

If any laptop designer is reading this: I would very much prefer having a middle mouse button. IMO that would be much more useful than all those extra buttons for e-mail, browser etc.

Of course, people can just attach a proper mouse to their laptop if/when
they use it for serious graphical work. Which is a good idea anyway; a touchpad is way too imprecise.

If your laptop has built-in blutooth adapter, I suggest you get a blutooth
mouse, this way you'll be able to use it without having to attach it to

Ah of course; I had been looking for a wireless mouse, but I was only looking at the more traditional kind. Bluetooth would be more practical indeed. My laptop doesn't have it built-in, but I already use a USB Bluetooth adapter for other things. I don't know why I didn't think of that before :)

Anyway, it's not that big a deal to me. Perhaps I shouldn't even have posted my ramblings: things get blown out of proportion way too rapidly on Internet (not that I'm accusing you of that, just speaking in general).

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