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> Speaking about house cleaning. Let me ask why does this person still
> hold a @gimp.org email address? 

Come to think of it, there's probably no reason why anyone should use a 
gimp.org address for arbitrary messages to the mailing lists. They are good for 
automated things like the bugs list or could be used for stricly 
project-releated stuff like release announcements or other specific roles - 
ftpmaster, webmaster and such. 

> It makes some people (like me) take these messages seriously at first. 
> If it was e.g. some @gmail.com address, her opinions would be taken 
> at face value, i.e. worse than worthless.

This problem would be solved then as well - all mails from a gimp.org address 
would be serious and important; all other messages will (have to) be taken at 
face value.

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