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> Yes there are inconsistencies already here. Rotate and shear behave  
> differently and bucket-fill does not revert to black and white every time  
> you use it.

Your "accusations" are unfair. First of all, your GIMP setup seems
somewhat screwed. Try to reset the tool options or remove the
~/.gimp-2.3/tool-options folder. And you also ignore the fact that a lot
of thought has gone into the current behaviour. It would help if you
could appreciate that and ask before you jump to conclusions quickly.

Also you need to admit that your usage of GIMP is just one possible way
of using it. We don't know much about you yet, so we can't tell if your
usage patterns are in any way representative for a large user group.

We are willing to do changes. But very often people forget to see all
aspects of user interface design. Are you sure that you have thought
about all possible user scenarious? Are you sure that you understood the
rationale behind the current behaviour? If not, it might be a good idea
to ask those questions first.


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