Akkana Peck wrote:
> I'm not Kevin, but I had the same reaction he did. In my defense
> (and maybe Kevin's), when the toolbox selectors disappeared, the
> new dialogs didn't automatically make themselves visible, so it
> just looked like a bug that they were suddenly gone, and getting
> back my color selector was my first priority.

That is what happened to me. The selectors disappeared from below the display 
of tool icons and there was no colour selector tab in the bottom portion of 
the Layers/Channels/Paths dialog. I turned on the toolbox selectors again so I 
could have the items back again.

I will start trying out the new system. The main downside I see at the moment 
is that of increased mouse mileage from needing to move between the top of the 
toolbox dialog to the bottom of the Layer/Channels/Paths dialog to alter 
colours or do the simple operation of switching foreground and background 
colours. I know there is a keyboard shortcut for the operation but I don't 
remember what it is. As an occasional user of GIMP I don't tend to remember 
the dozens of keyboard shortcuts in the program. I tend to rely on the use of 
icons, buttons, and menus.



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