Sven Neumann wrote:
> Unless we change something, users upgrading from 2.2 will have exactly
> this experience though. Currently we migrate the sessionrc, so the docks
> setup is kept when upgrading to GIMP 2.4. The gimprc is also migrated,
> but since we have changed the default value, the fg/bg color indicator
> is going to disappear when upgrading.
> I see several ways to fix this:
>  (1) we decide that the fg/bg color indicator is kept by default
>  (2) we don't migrate the user's sessionrc and force her to start
>      with the default dock layout
>  (3) we do major hacks during the migration process

I don't see why the default settings for new installs should have any affect 
on the migration of an existing installation. A new install will wind up with 
rc files with all the default settings.

When migrating settings from an older version of GIMP, the state of the old 
settings should be preserved. The user may have customized the layout to their 
liking. GIMP shouldn't "arbitrarily" change those settings

If you want to turn off some of the indicators below the toolbox during 
migration then the equivalent tabs in the Layers/Channels/Paths dialog should 
be turned on or there will likely be complaints from users when some things 
"go missing". However, this would be a bit of a hack. It would be simpler to 
leave the settings alone while migrating them.


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