Here is the feature request (as I see it):  distill away.

Magnifier: (Needs a better name - spy glass, super loupe?)

The maginfier provides the ability to see an "up close" view of the
area immediately surrounding the cursor, in a manner that does not
interfere with the current view of the image.  The center of the
up-close view represents the cursor, the image "scrolls' past the
center of the up-close view as the cursor moves across the image.  In
case that's clear as mud: the cursor is fixed in the magnifier view,
and only the image data moves. (Think of the bombsight on a war plane)

A "static" magnifier could be added to the navigation dialog[1], below
the current image "map", and small in size.  Additionally, a command
or shortcut could be applied to "pop-up" (and banish) a magnifier.

Both the static and pop-up magnifier should have a simple plus or
minus zoom setting[2], and possibly a text entry for percentage.

In short, the main purpose of the tool would be to provide a precision
view of the cursor when making selections[3] that are too large for
the image window when zoomed in - removing the need to zoom in and out
multiple times while making a selection, therefore making workflow


[1] This seems like the best existing dialog to place this.  It
doesn't seem to warrant it's own dialog, unless we were to extend the
funtionality into a new "info" dialog similar to PS, in which the
color values under the cursor are reported, along with selection size,
tranform values, etc.  Most of this info is reported already in the
status bar though.

[2] Another shortcut for zooming the magnifier?

[3] A suggestion was made to tie the magnifier to the selection tools,
but it seems that a magnifier could also prove useful when performing
other operations besides selections.  Moving a selection for example:
one could grab the selection at the very edge and watch for alignment
with a particular area (in the magnifier), while still being able to
see the overall layout.
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