On Tue, 19 Jun 2007 09:01:46 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't know if everyone of the GIMP development team is as annoyed of
> Carol as I am, but I know that there are quite a few people who are.

As I have been involved in several incidents with Carol some years
ago, I should probably comment on this.  For a while, I felt
responsible for all the bad things happening to Carol.  I still
feel sorry about what happened in 2003.  But I cannot feel
responsible for what Carol has been doing since then (which is not
very different from what she did before anyway).  Also, I used
to be upset whenever Carol was posting nasty comments on IRC or on
the GIMP mailing lists.  I have learned to ignore the negative
comments and only pay attention to her useful contributions, but
newcomers and casual contributors do not have the opportunity to
know this in advance.

It was a pleasure for me to meet Carol at LGM last year and discover
that we can have friendly face-to-face conversations.  This is
something that I appreciated very much.  Unfortunately, this does
not seem to be the case online: her negative messages or gibberish
on IRC or by e-mail have discouraged more than one contributor.  So
while I thank Carol for her contributions to the GIMP web site or
for her own web site and tutorials, I think that her behavior online
has brought more harm than good and has seriously hurt the project.

I am not sure about the best way to handle this because I hate
excluding people, but preventing her from harrassing others on IRC
and removing her op access would certainly be a good start.

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