On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 16:39 -0400, Louis Desjardins wrote:

> Carol was at LGM this year and she was not hiding away, at least from
> what I saw. Anyone could meet her face to face. I had the chance to
> have a few short conversations with her but being the organiser time
> has not allowed us to discuss as much as we did in Lyon last year. I
> am not aware if anybody has discussed with her on the particular
> subject of her threads on IRC but in any event it would have been of
> course a nice occasion to do so. 

You are bringing up another point here. Carol had been explicitely asked
not to show up at LGM and she also ignored this request. Of course since
this is a public event, anyone can show up. But she has been on several
GIMP meetings before and over the last years managed to take the fun out
of such meetings and even spoiled them. The fact that she will be around
was one of the main reasons for me not to come to Canada this year. If I
would have met her again, I might have done something stupid.

People who have been to Montreal have told me that she was a constant
threat, annoying people and spreading misinformation. It is very harmful
to have her appear on such events. And I definitely don't want anyone to
get the impression that she's a member of the GIMP team. She has stopped
her contributions long ago and she has been asked to leave several times
now. It is about time that this finally happens.


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