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> > Mukund Sivaraman <muks <at> mukund.org> writes:
> > > If there are anyone who know her personally and are nearby, please get
> > > her medical attention.
> >
> > Yes, please. Her condition is serious.
> You both raised several valid points about Carol's unacceptable
> behavior.  However, it would have been better to avoid stating on
> a public mailing list that she needs medical attention (regardless
> of whether it is true or not).

I have no reason to withhold a justifiable personal opinion or evaluation.
The collected written evidence of the personal harassment which I endured
speaks for itself and is available for inspection by anyone with a legit
interest anytime.

> These comments should have been private.

They have been in my case since 2004. Yet it appears that the situation has not
improved in at least the last three years.

The reported desensitization, the trained mild tolerance and the resulting
indifference in the IRC channels of many plainly onlooking members of the
community leads me to believe that most people have not grasped the seriousness
or nature of her condition yet. Otherwise, the community would have behaved and
reacted differently and much earlier.

Hers is not a bad habit, it is a serious problem or maybe even a mental

Many people out there keep being alcoholics or regularly exert domestic violence
against their wives and children because their environment excuses their
behavior as being just a bad habit or ignores what in reality requires
professional attention.
This should not happen to the GIMP community.

It is by voicing this opinion of mine that I can contribute towards a higher
alertness and indicate a possible source of the problem that the community has
been quite unable to recognize and handle so far.
Looking away never helps anyone.

>  They can easily be perceived as an insult and they
> weaken your other arguments because you are attacking her person
> instead of her behavior.

Quite the contrary. A person with a serious psychological condition is
unable to help herself any more once they exceeded a certain point, and thus she
has to rely on well-meaning external input, recognition and professional
assistance in order to get a chance of regaining normality.

What you think of as an insult may be the only really useful statement alerting
her unaware social environment of her need for help.

It is indeed by not saying anything that we would insult or even endanger her
person in her current situation.

> I just want her to stop doing what she is doing to the project;
> I do not care about the rest of her life.

I agree on the first statement, but I strongly object to the second.

Indeed, every person is responsible for leading her own life. Carol's
problem is that she not only is unable to lead her own life, but that she tries
to take massive influence on other people's lives, messing with them

While I could not care less about carol, the offensive character in an online
community, but I _do_ care indirectly about Carol, the human being, since
I care about the well-being of any fellow human being, no matter who he is. My
contribution towards that premise is my public statement of what I believe
to be the problem and then relying on those who actually are in the position to
help her to do their part. So while I am not going to spend any special effort
in actually saving her, I opt to do the utmost that I can do under the
circumstances without incurring a loss myself. If what is left of her social
environment then is motivated or alerted to help her, then I have made a useful
contribution. If not, then I have at least tried to fight indifference.

Hence my motivation to speak out in this thread. And I have no more to
say about this matter, since all that I could do, I have done.

over and out,
and kind regards,


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