Louis Desjardins wrote:
> 2007/6/22, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>:
>     She has stopped her contributions long ago and she has been asked to
>     leave several times now. It is about time that this finally happens.
> Hi Sven,
> Isn't there a way on the channels (IRC, bugtracker, mailing list) to 
> simply restrain the access to a specific individual when things get to a 
> point where repetitive demands and persuasion don't seem to give any 
> results?
> Let's face it, I realize this is pretty unusual and must very rarely 
> happen but there is a possibility that someone else steps in one day 
> with the same behavior. While there are of course no ways to prevent 
> this upstream can we at least make sure there are ways to prevent this 
> person from being in contact with the community once the problem has 
> been clearly identified?
> I really wish we can sort this out because this might happen elsewhere 
> in any other project. It is not an exclusivity of the gimp team!
> Louis
>     Sven

 From my experience in a few OSS community's, this would seem to be a 
fairly rare incident.

Some developers can probably come over snobby or arrogant but to be 
abusive (thats what I gather has happened) is something I havnt seen before.

If I ever acted in a way that hurt the Blender3D community, I would be 
kicked out before I did too much damage.
Its most surprising this behavior has been this tolerated for so long.

Since carol had the composure to be civil with people face-to-face makes 
me think that she does KNOW BETTER... and that her behavior is something 
she allows herself online where one can have less inhabitation's saying 
offensive stuff.

Its not like you are being unreasonable, Sven has said he wanted the old 
Carol back and if one day Carol decides she is ready to come back into 
the community - She could could earn back some respect and contribute again.

I have know people to go through mental illness and have sympathy for 
her if this is the case, but that dosnt mean you let her hurt a project 
thats important to many people and the linux community at large.

PS. I dont know what homo-erotic means exactly but hey-
Whatever helps coders, and is safer then rugby.
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