Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> We will have to do something about this situation. Or even more
> developers, including myself, will leave the project. As a start, I
> ask everyone who feels harrassed by Carol to tell her that she is not
> welcome and to ask her to leave. Perhaps then she realizes that this
> is not just a personal threat from me.

Forcing someone to leave is a terrible thing. But as Simon and Mukund
said, we have tried everything else we could think about (and I've not
even been here from the beginnning).

It took me one year to finally ignore Carol's comments and personal
attacks, and to stop considering leaving the project. Nobody should have
to put up with that to contribute, our energy is better used
contributing. Nowadays nothing she says can hurt me anymore, and it's
sad to ignore someone to that point. Nevertheless, there are reasons
why I'm not contributing much to the project and the channel talking
anymore, and Carol is one of those.

I know one new contributor who left after a few weeks because she was
attacked by Carol for being a woman, and couldn't believe the team
would let such attacks go through and barely react. We are all used to
ignore her to be able to go on with the project, but that can be really

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