I just noticed a little warning has been added to interpolation dlg. Nice  
touch, it's important.

"Indexed colour layers are always scaled without interpolation. The chosen  
interpolation type will affect channels and masks only."

I'm concerned this text is far too technical for most users and hence  
lost.  Suggestions:

c/Indexed colour layers/Indexed colour layers (eg. GIF)/

c/affect channels and masks only/only affect separate colour channels and  
transparency masks/

(The word reordering emphasises the only.)

Indeed it may be best if this only gets shown when relevant. If there are  
no indexed layers present (which will often be the case) it is irrelevant  
and just slows the user by feeding him unneeded info to parse.

Apart from that I really like the way it's layed out. The little icon  
brightens up the rather boring dlg. , the layout is very pleasing to the  

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