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> I think "nearest neighbour" is non technical, very obvious in it's meaning  
> and readily understood.

IMO it is very technical and the vast majority of users does not
understand its meaning. They also don't understand Linear or Cubic for
that matter, but it's difficult to come up with simpler terms.

> I dont see the sense in Gimp stating that it does something it does not in  
> a warning that is supposed to clearify what happens.
> I suggeste:
> c/Indexed colour layers are always scaled without interpolation/Indexed  
> colour layers are always scaled using basic nearest neighbour  
> interpolation/

If we use "None" in the combo-box, then we also have to use "without
interpolation" in the text below it. If we changed this text to use
"nearest-neighbour" we would also have to use that term in the
combo-box. Since we postponed that change for now, your suggestion is


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