> Once 2.4 is out and there is a review of the interp naming strategy w.r.t.
> downscaling the use of NONE should be probably be changed as well. (A
> scaled up image with no interpolation has holes in it.)
>   Even though rather simplistic, N.N _is_ interpolation.
> ;)

It is not a hard-and-fast rule that the label of a menu item has to  
precisely and accurately describe the functionality of that menu item;  
indeed, it is sometimes preferable to address the general concept  
being addressed by the item, realizing that those aware of the  
technical inaccuracies would not be confused by the "mislabeling",  
while those who are not might likely be confused by an accurate label  
(or in consideration of a fairly reasonable association which  
contributes to a simplified UI). Case in point: most word processors  
have an "Insert footer" command while most typesetters would argue  
that you don't "insert" a footer, you "attach" a footer.

It is overly presumptuous, in my opinion, to declare that labeling  
nearest neighbor interpolation as "None" is an error on the part of  
the user interface designers of the GIMP. It may be worthwhile to  
propose re-examination of the best approach, but it should not be  
assumed that the existing labeling is owing to any lack of  
consideration by the developers.

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