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> It is overly presumptuous, in my opinion, to declare that labeling
> nearest neighbor interpolation as "None" is an error on the part of
> the user interface designers of the GIMP. It may be worthwhile to
> propose re-examination of the best approach, but it should not be
> assumed that the existing labeling is owing to any lack of
> consideration by the developers.

>> Indexed colour layers are always scaled without interpolation.
>> This is incorrect. I suggest the following.

>> Indexed colour layers are always scaled using nearest neighbour  
>> interpolation.

So I did not say it was an error due to neglect. I said it was incorrect.  
That is a FACT. As I pointed out N.N. _is_ interpolation.

>> Once 2.4 is out and there is a review of the interp naming strategy  
>> w.r.t. downscalingthe use of NONE should be probably be changed as well.

Note the conditional "should" and the uncertainty "probably".  I'm not  
being dogmatic or presumptuous. I'm doing _exactly_ what you suggest  
proposing a re-examination and also proposing an alternative that I  
consider better.

If you cant hack a polite , wieghed critism with a suggested improvment  
without misinterpreting it as an attack on your work I suggest stop  
reading gimp-devel which is where such critisims should be posted.

Please bear in mind the common aim is to improve Gimp.

> Case in point: most word processors have an "Insert footer" command  
> while most typesetters would argue that you don't "insert" a footer, you  
> "attach" a footer.

So MS did one other their typical redefinitions, everyones mindlessly  
copies their mistake because Windows is GOD and now you prospose this a  
model behaviour as if it somehow backs up your case for an incorrect label  
in Gimp.

You may of may not have a point about simplicity but personnally I dont  
like what is, yet again, the MS approach of dumbing down the user. Gimp is  
not aimed at a moronic "click and share" home user. I think it is  
important to be accurate and NONE is wrong.

There maybe other options but any detailed discussion should probably wait  
until the whole issue is reviewed after 2.4 release.

Thanks for you comments.
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