Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 16:59:03 -0300
   From: Guillermo Espertino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Reading all the comments (including Sven's saying that tabbed windows 
   isn't too difficult to implement) I can see that maybe a switchable 
   interface between tabbed and floating would be the most appropriate 
   solution. The question here is how to make them live together without 
   damaging the UI consistency. And how to deal with some of the current 
   problems with overlapping windows (how the utility windows obstaculize 
   the working canvas when it is maximized, dragging the canvas beyond the 
   image borders to avoid overlapping, etc).

I don't think that making tabbed and floating live together is a very
hard problem -- Firefox does that just fine (and it sounds like Opera
does it even better).

As far as overlapping windows go, I live with it -- I use focus
strictly follows mouse

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