What Mitch is referring to is that tabs are raised when doing  
drag-n-drops. I wish to thank Mitch for his brilliant implementation  
of this at the last minute of the 2.4 release. This functionality is  
already extremely useful for d-n-d'ing colors, channels, and layers  
between tabs and would also be necessary if GIMP provided tabbed image  


Though this discussion of UI issues is academically interesting (and  
will eventually prove fruitful), if GEGL is to be integrated into GIMP  
then that needs to be the primary focus for the next version.  
Potential developers will not be interested in spending a month of  
Sundays learning and programming for a system which is soon to be  
deprecated, requiring that their efforts be duplicated in the future  
or obviated completely.

Attracting users with alternative UIs or the concerns of "graphics  
professionals" will not mean more developers. Having a stable  
structure to the representation and access of GIMP's internal image  
data is a necessary precursor to attracting developers.

If GEGL can be integrated in less time than "GEGL + something else"  
then, unless "something else" can be justified as being more  
efficiently implemented at the same time, "something else" needs to be  
considered ancillary to GEGL integration.

Quoting David Gowers:

>> > GIMP could definitely learn from that -- for example, a quick
>> > improvement that could be made to DockBooks is, bringing a tab to the
>> > front as it's moused-over (with some minimum hover time before
>> > switching to prevent accidents.)
Quoting Michael Natterer:

>> Gimp 2.4 already does that.
Quoting David Gowers:

> How? Where?
> I'm currently using 2.4-rc3; it does not happen here. If i hover over
> a tab, it just shows a tooltip, never makes that tab active.

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