> On Monday, October 29, 2007, 14:15:28, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > As Saul already responded that happens only if you use DND. Why on earth
> > would a UI control activate just because you hover some seconds over it?
> > That strikes me as utterly useless, what's the problem with pressing
> > the mouse button if it is not otherwise occupied (e.g. by doing DND).

It allows more casual inspection of tabs (move move move, not move
click move click), and works particularly well with vertically-stacked
tabs or tabs whose content is in a folded away NoteBook.
I regard it as useful for inspectors, such as the Cursor tab and
Histogram tab, that I do tend to check casually, and selectors, such
as brushes, patterns, and brush editor, that can be used casually.

Of the seven tabs I have docked to the toolbox, three (palette editor,
pattern selector, brush selector) would be useful to access in this

Ideally, each could be a fold-out window (like tooltips), which would
be accessed by hovering or clicking on an icon, rather than blocking
other dockables that *should* remain visible (eg. Colors, Layers).

If tabs could behave in this way, trying to avoid covering the
dockbook they are expanded from, and automatically reset to the
previously selected tab when done, this would work rather neatly.
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