currently we are still fixing bugs in the 2.4.0 release but it seems
that we caught the major problems now and want to prepare a 2.4.1
release soon. When that is done, we will immidiately create a gimp-2-4
branch to continue bug-fixing there.

At that point trunk will be open for development. But since we are
aiming for a short development cycle, we need to absolutely keep the
tree in a good shape. I don't want to see any commits that haven't been
discussed and approved beforehand. This doesn't mean line-by-line code
review. But I would like you guys to present your plans here beforehand
and not learn about them from reading the commit logs.

So if are planning any particular features for 2.6, now is the time to
present them here so that they can be put on the roadmap. This includes
stuff that has been planned for quite a while, like for example
finishing the metadata framework/editor (Raphael!), but also the port to
GEGL (Mitch!).

I suggest that we keep brainstorming for the 2.6 roadmap for another
week and then collect the ideas. It would be nice if we could end with a
list of well-defined tasks. When that list is collected, I would like to
discuss which of these tasks should be put on the roadmap for 2.6.


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