A Monday 29 October 2007 16:24:11, Sven Neumann escreveu:
> I suggest that we keep brainstorming for the 2.6 roadmap for another
> week and then collect the ideas. It would be nice if we could end with a
> list of well-defined tasks. When that list is collected, I would like to
> discuss which of these tasks should be put on the roadmap for 2.6.

Hi Sevn and others,

I have been obn the process of moving myself to another city over the last few 
weeks (almost complet now, just waiting for my mobile nad main machinne to 
get here).
As soons as that happens I should consolidate my work hours and spare a few of 
then for GIMP.

The feature I'd like to work on is a brush stroke pannel to be able to set up 
stroking with curves for relating pressure, speed, angle,  etc with opacity, 
size, jitter, color, etc... 

One other smallf eature I will want to add is the ability to add free- angled 
guides. I have this almost complete on my codebase, just .XCF saving for it 
is missing. I should commit that early on 2.6 cycle.



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