> At that point trunk will be open for development. But since we are
> aiming for a short development cycle, we need to absolutely keep the
> tree in a good shape. I don't want to see any commits that haven't been
> discussed and approved beforehand. This doesn't mean line-by-line code
> review. But I would like you guys to present your plans here beforehand
> and not learn about them from reading the commit logs.
> So if are planning any particular features for 2.6, now is the time to
> present them here so that they can be put on the roadmap. This includes
> stuff that has been planned for quite a while, like for example
> finishing the metadata framework/editor (Raphael!), but also the port to
> GEGL (Mitch!).

I will continue working on GimpRectangleTool and I aim for more or less
complete Selection + crop tool specification [1] conformance in 2.6.

- Martin Nordholts

[1] http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Selection_%2B_crop_tool_specification
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